Tuesday, December 22, 2009

War Turkey: The Sequel

Remember War Turkey?  I think he's a few posts down...the paper Thanksgiving decoration with the penis sword?  You know.   Well, I must update you and let you know that he has a new buddy who was brought  home from school the week before Christmas Break.  This buddy is also made of paper. Your basic pre-fab toilet roll creation with a curly paper beard that apparently includes 8 appendages of some sort. And his name is Santapus.  Or "Santa of the Deep".

Mr The King, budding 7 year old artist, once again proclaimed that all the 'udder' kids just had plain Santas and that Santapus has a lot of special features. For example, that green thing behind him is a reindeer (and the things sticking out are reindeer feet of course) that he's sleeping on.  Whatever the case, Santapus has been hanging out on the mantle above the fireplace with War Turkey.  It being the dead of winter, there is a decent chance that both War Turkey and Santapus will be blown down by the fireplace fan to lay helpless in the warm dust beside it or overheat, actually facing paper decoration heaven in a fiery flurry (along with the rest of our house.  Hmm, maybe I should move them).

That's okay, because Mr The King came home with a backpack FULL of decorations for us ("Close your eyes!  Keep them closed!") and we used almost a whole roll of scotch tape affixing them to the walls.  Festive, it is.  The raggedy, sparkly tree decorations.  The three paper reindeer heads that Mr The King had cried about--having had to make so many because he couldn't get the first one right--and who are now staring down from us like dopey eyed trophies from a safety scissor hunting expedition.  Then there's the gingerbread house with the tree on the roof and the Kit Kat landscaping that makes mommy drool.  And so many more, all lining our home with love.....

As parents, don't these little creations that look like every other kid's project to the average viewer just speak volumes to us?  Don't you just dab a tear away as you finally gently lay one in the recycling bin?   Doesn't it feel Christmassy to let your little ones squirt the icing onto the cookies from the wrong end of the baggie like dollops of giant dog poop?  Ahhh, the holiday magic.  Peace on Earth.

By the way, The Duck says "You better watch out, you better not shout or I'll punch your face off!"
Isn't that sweet?  Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year!

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