Monday, April 26, 2010

Deadbeat Blogger

So,  I haven't posted in a while.  You see, I've been very busy.  For the past two months, I've been sitting in meditation at the centre of a circle full of parenting books and baby gear and Little League paraphanelia, burning patchouli and connecting to the Universal Mother while our 3 year old gently (ha!) bangs a gong.

Does that sound like bs?  Because it is.  I've actually been busy yearning to hide under the covers with a mediocre book (and occasionally succeeding, but only occasionally).  Busy obsessing about how Jesse James could shatter Sandra Bullock's dreams and how his kids may never forgive him--that's got to be worse than divorce, or even jail...Busy wondering how children of reality stars will ever experience reality...  Busy contemplating the cost of living versus the value of our earnings.  And busy fretting about parenting these two monkeys without them noticing that mommy has postpartum and the last partum was three years ago!  I hear there's medication for that...

Now, rising from the abyss, there's so much I want to talk to you about--polls, news, all the topics Camille and I have been tossing around, and to hear about what your topics are these days...

Most important thing I can tell you, though, is that we're about to bombard you with weekly updates. Oh, yeah, look out!!  This blog is about to break the sound barrier!   The sound barrier part will happen in a month or so.  In the meantime, please visit us and comment wildly and freely!
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