Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Bad Wrap

Aw, crap.  This morning I saw a headline that made me panic: "Get Rid of Plastic Wrap".  I mean, I did have an idea that it's not great for us or the landfill.  And I've not only stopped using any plastic in the microwave, but have also stopped using the microwave 90% of the time....but upon reading the article in question I realized many more of my plastic/aluminum sins.  PVC (polyvinyl chrloride) has the worst environmental problems of all plastics!  Apparently Glad Wrap and Saran Premium Wrap produce less dioxins, but are obviously still a major disposable threat to the environment.  Giving up plastic wrap and freezer baggies altogether would be so hard.  Impossibly.  But when I hear the words ~Hormone Disruptors~ I do have to think of my two boys getting boobies or not being able to have children of their own one day.

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Solution?  I'm going to try to hunt down some non-toxic wrap.  If it exists.  And I pledge to use actual containers even more (I like to store food in the fridge in a ceramic bowl with a plate on top, or in metal).  And I highly recommend reading the article--much of it you already know, but perhaps not all.  It's a good primer for detoxing your home and yourself, as Natasha Turner, ND (author of The Hormone Diet) urges us to do.  I think she has some good points.  And I bet mom agrees!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sleep, The Holy Grail

This guest post isn't just about getting your little one to sleep through the's also for those of us grown-ups who just aren't getting our rest while everyone else is snoring contentedly.

Our mommy friend, Cea, wrote this note:

So my lovely friend Tish tells me about this stone called haemetite; you put it under your pillow and you are supposed to sleep better. I tend to be sceptical about such things, but I am also the mom of two and therefore desperately willing to give it a try! Well, it has only been two nights, but I can tell you that both {hubby} and I have slept better, and even more valuable than this, both boys slept through the night (ok, baby was up once) until NINE OCLOCK!!...Pick them up cheap at any shop that sells crystals and stick them under all pillows. Thank You, Tish!!

And thank you, Cea!
After a  few nights of post sleepus-interruptus insomnia  (after the kids did their nightly wake-ups I couldn't get back in the zone), I am going to dig through the jewelry box for the piece of haemetite I used to wear around my neck for 'grounding' in the early 90's.  Hope Cea's sleep rubs off on us all...and of course we invite your success stories!
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