Monday, June 21, 2010

Where there's smoke...

Okay, I can't resist.  I know this is old news.  And I did not want to stoop but down we go....
It's the smoking toddler in Indonesia.  He's on my mind as I lie awake.  2 packs a day.  If someone doesn't intervene with some Nicorette or a patch or Wellbutrin or NEW PARENTS there will be an international disturbance (and we already have enough of those).

What freaks me out further is that in the picture I saw he's wearing a leather jacket while he smokes.  So now toddlers everywhere are going to think it's cool to smoke.  Rim shot, cymbal splash.  There are so many jokes swirling around this awful situation, but it is so Not Funny.  His father claims he has tantrums when he doesn't get a cigarette.  Not sure where to go with that, except possibly jail.  Please, some Human Rights activist somewhere, please take care of this.

Wait....stop the I write this, I learn that this little boy is now getting some help (though if you click that link you will be disturbed by the reason).  Alright.  Except when I googled "toddler smoking", pictures came up of more toddlers smoking.  And I learned that, to quote reporter Trish Lamonte of,
"a study by the child protection commission in Indonesia shows a growing problem among children. Between 2001 and 2007, the number of children between the ages of five and nine who smoke increased 400 percent, according to the study."
What the? Is Indonesia the only country where this awful increase is happening?  I have a feeling it's not.  I'm now not feeling so bad that my kids had 2 desserts today.


  1. Ok,

    When I first read this, I thought it was a joke... but the picture of an infant smoking a cigarette.... well, that shocked my smile away. It's also shocking to read that the chairman of Indonesia's Commission for Child Protection is quoted saying "Smoking has been a part of our culture for so long it isn't perceived as being hazardous, as causing illness, as poisonous," Thankfully the child's parents were motivated to stop the little tyke from this dangerous addiction, not because of the health issues, but because cigarettes just cost so much darn money. True, when I was a kid in Alberta, my Mom and Dad both smoked in the car.... in the wintertime.... with the windows up.... and the heat blasting! Many childhood memories of breathing through my shirt, or jacket sleeve. But never was I offered a cigarette at 18 months old. But that was back in the dark ages before "second hand smoke" was invented.

    What was that guy thinking? "Hey... there's nothing on TV this afternoon, what to do... what to do? I know, let's give Jr. a smoke!! That ought to be some good clean entertainment!"

    Makes you wonder....

    Great blog entry Saffron, I'll be talking about this one for days to come!


  2. I should follow this up with my Mom and Dad both quit smoking many years ago and apologize all the time for the smoking in the car.... and letting us bounce around without seat-belts too. It was a different time, and a sign that change can be a good thing. Let's hope the trend of 18 month olds who start to smoke changes too.


  3. My mom smoked and drank coffee (and probably other stuff) while she was pregnant. Camille and I took turns sleeping on the floor of the backseat of the Rabbit on the way down to California. It was definitely a different era. Your mom is off the hook. But Indonesia is NOT! Or is it a different era over there? Thanks for reading and posting, Kirk!


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