Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Word to Your Mother

A friend posted this article (click on actual article for easier reading).  

The funny part is I had just heard from someone, who does not have the joy/massive undertaking of children, wondering why I hadn't responded their email yet.  I think they were feeling a little ignored...I shot back a slightly hysterical and over-informative list of obstacles that preclude even reading emails and then wondered if I shouldn't have clicked "Send".  Then I tripped on this article and laughed my butt clear off.   Hope you like it too.


  1. Funny.... the other day my wife was telling me a similar issue with one of her old friends who doesn't have kids! She and I loved the article... thanks for posting, it really does ring true! I think she should send the article to her friend, it might add some clarity!


  2. Too true...I must say I never had questions like that when my friends had kids before me. Perhaps it takes an "I'm never having kids" headspace to produce such bitter thoughts? No, that's not it...I have friends who don't want kids but totally get it. Mind you, they tend to have nieces and nephews or work with children. Hmm. Maybe your wife could anonymously send the article in the mail. Or just ask her friend to babysit. For a weekend. Heh heh.

  3. I'm sure there are a lot of other parents that have similar stories of old friends being the same way. It's odd to me too, before I had a little one, I could understand the demands of parenthood. Raising a little person is an epic undertaking, that's just a given, isn't it? The thing is, her friend actually compared her having a dog being similar to my wife having an infant.... and how It didn't stop her from visiting and calling her friends without dogs... seriously. I think some people are a bit more self absorbed and... dare I say, selfish and don't really get the important task of being a parent. It's HARD work!!! Personally I believe she probably regretted the dog comparison the
    second it came out of her mouth. She will have a different opinion about being
    motherhood when her time comes. I still think my wife should send the article
    to her.... Thanks again for the great blog!

  4. Sheesh. That's not the first time that I've heard childless people equate the responsibility of raising children to raising dogs. It's disturbing.

  5. You telling me you've never leashed your kid to a bike rack to catch up with friends over a quick pint??

  6. guilty silence...alternate universe...


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