Friday, November 12, 2010

We Have a Winner!

The firecrackers and bottle rockets are flying far less frequently this week and most of our kids have lost interest in all the crap they filled up on after trick-or-treating. Yay! Thank you for your entries, your emails, your comments and memories...and we have found a winner for our Cheapest Costume Contest! Lurene, your son's $3.00 Snake Charmer takes the prize! Thanks to your mother's hoarding instincts (and the power of parachute pants) you've won our Autumn Basket of Fall Treats to help you weather the season!
Rachael, your kids' 0.00 grocery bag masterpieces made us glad to be alive. They couldn't qualify 'cause of their lack of Hallwe'en-ness but they make the ultimate statement about what kids are capable of without a trip around the Costume Store. The rest of us, who shelled out $ to Toysrus or similar, are skulking behind our very expensive wastes of fabric and hoping we can squeeze another year out of the thing...Thanks again for participating and stay warm and cozy this weekend, all!


  1. So glad you liked it, the grocery bag outfits totally made me laugh too! xo

  2. Those grocery bags reminded me of all the stuff we did to clothe our let us use the awesome velvety furry stuff from the inside of guitar cases to make glamorous cavewoman dresses for them....teal/midnight blue and golden rich...Those were the (cheap) days!

    BTW--Grace, your costumes were fantastic both years and were right on the tail of Lurene's cheapness...the models made them shine, too, I must say!


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