Sunday, May 9, 2010

Win Date Night with CHILLIWACK!

That's with Chilliwack, not in Chilliwack. 
Rock On.

What's a blog without free stuff?  Whether you have children or don't care for small people, you must admit you need
Date Night.  So we're giving away 2 tickets to Chilliwack's 40th Anniversary Concert at the River Rock Casino for Saturday May 22nd FRIDAY MAY 21st!  THIS IS OUR 2nd GIVEAWAY!!
That's 100.00 value, dudes.  Win the draw, secure the babysitter, and you're in for a great night out!!  

All you need to do is leave a comment below this post that answers our question:
"Who would be your date at the Chilliwack Anniversary Gig and why?" (if you've already commented, you're already entered in the draw for the Friday Night Tickets)

Post your comment before 8 pm, Wednesday May 19th.  To be totally fair, we will draw the winner using  Winner will be notified & tix will be shipped or left at will-call.

1.  One entry per person
2.  No anonymous comments
3.  Entrants must be 19+
4.  Entrants must be able to get to Richmond, BC on their own and be willing to cut us in on any jackpot won before or after the gig.  A couple thou will do it.

Good Luck, Date Nighters!  You're all winners!
Saf & Camille

PS-yes, that's our dad's band.  yes, we're shameless dad-promoters.


  1. Awesome idea! Hey girls, I don't gamble so I won't be cutting you in on any jackpot BUT I can share a couple thousand of my friends?!?!? .........I am going to post a link to your blog on my facebook and twitter to help you spread the word. :) Please enter me....I love seeing your Dad and Ed play!

    By the way, I've been meaning to let you know in case you don't know already, I thought I might share another blog that you might like to visit. Tamara Taggert, CTV weathercaster has a blog called Modern Mommy, I think you would like her style as well as her store Eio kids! I have nothing to do with either, except that I admire her posts, as I do yours!

    PS See you ladies soon at the 'chick singer clothing swap'~ xoxoxox

  2. Who would be my date for a night at the River Rock? I mean, the Chilliwack Anniversary Gig? John-boy of course! I'm sure it would be a dream night for him- playing the slots AND Chilliwack- 2 of his favorite things! Hope to see you there and looking forward to hearing you sing!

    Janet (and John)

  3. If I won the tickets, I would give them both to the Manager of the Parts Department at my Mazda dealership.(I have purchased my tickets already.) He deserves a treat, since he is always so good to me and last year, he had at least two major family crises AND he loves Chilliwack. That would be awesome.
    Looking forward to your singing, girls.
    Joan (you know who).

  4. I would take my long-time friend and concert buddy, Sondra. She's had a rough few years, and would love to go and enjoy a night out without her kids :).

  5. if i won this contest i would bring my boyfriend sami salo to see chilliwack. that is, if he is able to sit down by then...let's hope there's some 'collector's pants' being rocked at the show. what's a reunion without squeezing into an original costume? a mighty wind is blowin'...

  6. Hi Saf and Cam,

    I would take my beautiful wife, of course. I know this band like the back of my hand and I'd love to share the experience. I'm going to get there with or without the random draw....

    It's a good thing you're doing.


  7. Hello Mother Bloggers! I want to win tickets to the show so I can bring Mike Henderson. Why? Because he's my hubby and we love to do fun stuff together and he loves his family and we've never been to River Rock before and our presence would increase the Henderclan show of support!!!

    Ola (crossing my fingers)

  8. Awesome Contest!

    If I won....I would take Pat. Why? Because he is an amazing man and we both LOVE Chilliwack and we would have the best time EVER!

  9. I'd take the love of my life Renee. We had planned on seeing Chilliwack years back at the PNE, but it didn't work out. Kind of a sore spot for missing if I win I'd love to take her and enjoy the night together.

  10. I would take my hubby Ger, and we'd go down memory lane and come right back to the present ~ it would also be a chance to say howdy to the extended clan including my two lovely nieces ~ xoxo, Jeanné :D p.s. there are so many delightful responses...maybe more free tickets can be found?!

  11. I would take my sweetie Sean because I am convinced that he is the best husband in the whole wide world! Renee

  12. Suzanne PrendergastMay 12, 2010 at 10:00 AM

    Well, I would take my wonderful husband, of course. And I remember well the Lakeridge days. You might not so much as you were very young. It would be great to be there to help celebrate - omigod! - 40 years. Suzanne

  13. Hi lovelies!!

    I would take my beautiful fiancé Alec, who is absolutely stunned at our family's talent and is constantly inspired by fellow musicians who have withstood the tests of time! He has yet to see Chilliwack, and what a better way to see them, but this amazing occasion!?! We would love to add to the numbers of Henderclans represented!!
    Much love and light,

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  15. I would take my husband Kevan because he loves Chilliwack just as much as I do. We went to an event last Saturday, your dad was there playing his shiny new guitar. Everybody brought something, I baked brownies. I walked up to your dad and said: "I brought brownies, they're really should try one". Bill Henderson ate my brownies, how cool is that?

  16. If I win I will take Mike, my husband. Because? Well he's a big fan and leaving him at home would be mean.


  17. Wow. I would so love to win these tickets. As a single mama of three, I don't get Date Night very often. If I won these tickets, I would take my mama on a date night. We seem to have kinda skipped Mothers Day this year, and what better way to celebrate it? The pre-Chilliwack incarnation of The Collectors guested on a show my mom and dad sang on, Let's Go! (or it might have been Up Up and Away...I can't remember) and it's the one glimpse I've had of my own folks, back in the I've watched it, er, a few times, to say the least. How great would it be for me to take her to see them now?

    Oh, and just FYI, funny Chilliwack story...

    When my brother, now some hot stuff in the Canadian music scene in his own right, was two years old his favourite song was My Girl. He would toddle into the lving room, saying over and over, "gong gong." if no one paid attention, he would then proceed to the record player, which, for reasons unknown to this day, resided at head level for 2 year old Josh. And the Chilliwack record permanently resided on the turntable. Josh, in his ever-so-delicate 2 year old ways, would proceed to jam the needle down as hard as he could to make "gong gong" play. Needless to say, we went through a lot of record player needles. And chilliwack records. Come to think of it, our family may have played a major role in propelling their record sales so high....

    I am a huge Chilliwack fan. And I am a huge Saffron And Camille fan. And a little birdy named Bill told me last night at Motown Meltdown that you two would be singing BG's....yay!!


  18. Oooooh Chilliwack .. hmmmmm well I guess I would feel obliged to take my darling husband (he certainly digs the tunes) but secretly I would WANT to take my sister 'cause we're both quite familiar with the Chilliwack/Collectors "library" of songs and would just LOVE to .... annoy those sitting around us by BELTING out the words along with Bill, Saf, Camille and the gang :o) - that's what you get for growing up with the Henderson girls ....; and although I'd LOVE to win some tickets (who the heck wouldn't) the fact is - I've already purchased mine for Saturday night SOOOO I guess my sis and her husband would be on my "hit" list ... get it "hit list" :o) baaad tired mommy joke - argh! ANYWAY can't WAIT for the weekend and a "date night" with my husband - yahoooo!!!

  19. I'd love to win tickets, I'm on disability right now, waiting for a hip replacement and can't afford to go. Thanks Robin

  20. Me again!!!

    Okay, truth is...I think Sara's post is a winner...but I heard you just pick a random here I go...again!
    I'd still take Pat by the way...he rocks my world the way I still 'rock out' to Chilliwack!

  21. Paul Doig
    Chilliwack was always playing late night on Q107 in toronto when I was a wee lad. We always associated BC music with Chilliwack and Trooper.

    SO for a Chilliwackian date night, I would bring no other than me wife, Jessica, because she is a born and bred BC girl from the island.

  22.! My husband, Garth, and I would love to get away from the munchkin girls and party for a night. One less diaper to change is always a good thing.

  23. I'd take my husband as he has just started singing with a local group after many, many years and needs to listen to some excellent musicians and work on his vocals!

  24. I would bring my son. He grew up with their music playing often in the background!

  25. I would bring my wife. We enjoy the same kind of music, and besides, I'd be in big trouble with her if I brought someone else!

  26. Thank you for the wonderful and very special evening, ladies! All the fine music, memories, love, family and friends ~ a real treat!!! :) Jeanne'


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