Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ever think your kid ought to love something... because you do?

My daughter is in the The Coolest circus gymnastics program ever. Since I basically tricked her into enrolling twice, she's coming to the end of her second year in this program. What can I say? I thought she'd get hooked! I banked on this extra year for developing deeper bonds with kids (which I was ready to facilitate by hosting as many play-dates as necessary should there be even a glimmer of kiddo chemistry), taking pride in the more elaborate tricks and (fingers crossed) wearing a recital costume that has her begging for another year of fabulousness -It seems costumes trump all other decision making influences. Well, the kiddo chemistry has been remarkably limited, the elaborate tricks just scare the s*#t out of her and the costume... is pending. It being a non-profit organization, I'm not holding a lot of hope. She'll likely be donning yet another recycled, camel-toe inducing leo that peaked in the 80's. No, I won't corner my daughter into another year of this. She's made it pretty clear that that's not gonna fly. Ever think your kid ought to love something... just because you do? If there are any parents out there who've never blurred this line, come forward (onto the chopping block) and let yourself be known. Signed, Defensive Stage Mother


  1. Dear Defensive Stage Mother,
    You're so not alone. Hip-Hop dreams were dashed when my monkey did all the choreography backwards and said he'd prefer to CLEAN HIS ROOM than go to class.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    I'll take up trapeze if you'll get your bad-ass self in adult Hip-Hop. OK, deal!


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