Friday, October 9, 2009

File Under: Should We Have Just One More, Maybe?

A little trend I'm noticing....seems that anyone who has more than, say, 4 kids qualifies for their own Reality Show!  I mean, when you see a large family come into a restaurant or pile out of a van/bus, don't you just hear a soundtrack with rootsy acoustic guitar, a mom and pop voiceover detailing their crazy schedule and the gratitude they feel for this full, famous life?  And  a camera crew leaving Starbucks cups all over their house.  Do people everywhere they go say (Gomer Pyle voice) "huh-hoo!  You kids should have your own tv show! Just like them Duggars!"

 I've heard people accuse moms of avoiding birth control just so they can collect more welfare,  but honey you can shoot a lot higher than that in the age of Cable.....there's not only a wicked paycheck if someone decides to tell/sell your Family's Story, but a great chance of your kids getting a hot Hollywood agent.  And more hands on the farm, I guess.  Though only a family with a TLC contract can afford to hold on to a farm in this economy, I'm thinking.  Well, them and the very competitive breeder/adopter Jolie/Pitt types...In the other corner, Octomom has taken a step back and realized it may have all been a mistake.  Notice I haven't even uttered the word Gosselin?

It's just weird.  It's now Stranger than Fiction to want, have, and afford a big family.  And maybe even weirder that I seem to know all their names...

Mia Farrow could have raked if she'd just adopted her brood 20 years later...sigh.  We've stopped at two.  Keeping a low profile.

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