Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Kid's Fix

I'm completely alone in our big, empty house and... I'm not celebrating. What the?! Why? Because my daughter is with The Most Important Person In Her Life: Not me. Her cousin. Also known as MrTheKing. At 7 years old, is it possible for her to have an addiction? Here's a slice:

Me: “Let's have a girl's night! You pick the movie!”

Dissing Daughter: “I want MrTheKing.”

Me: “Or how 'bout we put streamers on our bikes, ride through puddles and go get ice cream!”

Dissing Daughter: “And then play with MrTheKing?”

Me: “I’ll give you my money, my car keys and have the entire school over for a sleep over!?”

Dissing Daughter: “Can MrTheKing come?”

She returns from her play dates like she's been on an all night bender. Pasty skin, dark circles, Medusa hair and the attitude to match it. I'm having some pretty freaky premonitions about the future and would really appreciate if someone could pinch me and tell me it's all a dream!

I remember when I was her drug.... Is it too late to pick up breast-feeding again?


  1. OMG, is that a bong??? Are we going to be sued? Or just arrested?

  2. Have you seen the youtube video of the British woman who was nursing her kids at 8 and 10 or something? There is hope for you yet, Camel.

    I love the new name btw - Mrtheking. It suits him.

  3. If you're nursing your child at that age, what do you do when they have a friend over for a sleep over? Nurse them BOTH to sleep??

  4. Oh dear, I seem to remember having my eldest daughter who was about 18months AND Lurene's babe who was about 2, each on a boob at the same time....and only later finding out I was pregnant with twins at that particular moment in time. Would I do it again? Well, next time, it wouldn't be on Sarah's couch in the middle of a party perhaps... But yeah, I think we need to draw the line before nursing them well into college. If they're old enough for a sleepover, they're old enough to go without boob.


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