Sunday, October 11, 2009

War Turkey

We were not going to make a big deal of Thanksgiving.  In fact, we were going to ignore it since we couldn't be in the same city as our parents.  But then MrTheKing tells us he's been working on some Decorations for the Thanksgiving Holiday!  He comes home from school with the usual trace-around-your-hand to make turkey feather ruffles out of construction paper know what I mean.   But then he pulls the Headliner out of his backpack: "I named it War Turkey!"

As you can see, War Turkey is another construction paper piece.  MrTheKing triumphantly informs us that everyone else in the class just made regular turkeys and that his is holding a sword (carving knife?) and it has a penis holding a Penis Sword!  That's the thing hanging between its legs.  Apparently no-one else added those things on the hips (holsters?) nor the extra beak on the belly to their boring turkeys, either.  I make encouraging noises, but don't know how far to take 'delighted' and 'proud'...though I'm impressed with his, uh, exploration of the theme...Nanny L stands by, chewing her lip, as The Duck celebrates brother's masterpiece by running in circles yelling "Penis Sword! Penis Sword! Penis Sword!"

How could we not have a (at least partial) turkey dinner after our eldest son gives us War Turkey?  Later, as he's standing on the step stool stirring his other gift (homemade cranberry sauce), I am Giving Thanks. MrTheKing points out, sagely, that it's coming along nicely and that the cranberries just "need to be absolved."

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Everyone needs absolution. :-) I keep telling myself, they are both fed, watered and in bed. I made it through another day.


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