Saturday, October 3, 2009

Potty Talk

Thank you for participating in our poll, Theoretical Potty Trainers!

A mere 15% of us (and I say us because I am Part Of It) stuff our toddlers with treats for their good aim,   setting them up for bingeing on candy as adults whenever they do a number 2...sigh...a majority 62% provide hugs and praise for a job well done (hugs and praise for you, good parents!), and a respectable 23% put a star on the old chart for future rewards.

The Duck, who is 2.75 yrs old, currently receives an ice cream cone when, I mean after,  he poops on the potty.  Which is almost every day.  His biggest motivator has become his older brother, who gets a kickback in his own cone upon completion of little brother's evacuation.  Anyway you slice it,  using the Dora Seat kicks off quite a celebration!   I'd be totally ashamed if I couldn't brag that he got tired of jellybeans for 'watering' the potty and now pees for free.

So far only a couple turds on the floor (thank you, hardwoood), at which point we RUN for the pull ups again just in case it's a sign of the Apoopcolypse.  Whereas, MrTheKing was trained in an apartment with light grey carpet and would call us from the other room with an "I'm peeing in my wagon!" or "I pooped the floor again!" Those of you who are done with this...aren't you glad it's over?  How are you spending all those extra diaper dollars?  Those who are about to board the potty train....enjoy that ride wherever it takes you.   Anecdotally speaking, s^&t happens.

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  1. Diaper $ have been 'absorbed' by our daughters growing food bills!


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